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This blog is moving to our own domain of www.lady-g.co.uk. Although there are a few teething problems which we hope to resolve soon, we hope that the new blog will be bigger and better than ever! Come and visit!


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Yes, I know, nothing to do with 18th century music (well, not much) But I couldn’t resist. And a bit of the story is set in the 18th century! The nice bit…with the big dresses….

Which Anne Rice Vampire are you?
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I had a lovely spooky time yesterday at the Hellfire caves in West Wycombe. I was on a bit of a jaunt to the cinema with some old school friends (I’m from a village near High Wycombe) and the next day, I thought I’d take a walk into West Wycombe. Now West Wycombe is nothing like High Wycombe, it’s preeeedy! The place is owned by the National Trust and it’s like stepping back to a distant age. Anyway, around the 1750s there were a successsion of crop failures, and to provide the villagers with employment, Sir Francis Dashwood, local baron and 18th century party boy,  paid them to excavate the caves and build a road to High Wycombe. He then used the caves for his wild parties and secret societies!

So I paid my fiver and had a wander. The costumed dummies/tableau were pretty lame, not up to Tussauds standards, but if I ignored them, I could imagine the caves and passageways full of cavorting revellers. I so want to play there sometime. I think it would be great and it already gets hired out for corporate functions. We’re thinking of creating a halloween show, with ghostly ballads and poetry readings and the caves would be a perfect setting! The place is even said to be haunted!

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Just listening to a downloaded article on Women’s Hour about the Bluestockings, a group of educated and talented women in the 18th century. To listen too click here

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I’d forgotten how much I loved this video and song when I was a kid. Who knows…maybe it planted the seed of all things 18th century in my impressionable young mind?

Unfortunately I can’t embed it, but do check it out. Gorgeous 18th century-ness not to mention John Malkovich and Hugh Laurie reprising their roles in Dangerous Liasons and Blackadder!

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And what a tiring journey it was! Four hours from mine and 5 from Mic’s. Broke the journey overnight by staying with the bf’s folks. Micaela made an impression by introducing them to Leffe beer. THe hall was lovely, a fantasy of pink and white moulded roccoco-ness and we had the stage to ourselves but….very few people to hear us! In fact, the organisers very kindy refunded us £20 due to the poor turnout. We like them though… here’s a link Castles and Carriages

However, we took advantage of the stage and the space and tested out a few new songs including “man is for the woman made” by Purcell. Our fellow exhibitors were very nice, clapped loudly and took lots of photos and even vid footage. When we know where this is posted we’ll add a link and you’ll be the first to know!

We’ve also had a costume change. I got busy with the glue-gun and made us some lovely feathered hair combs. Check out Mic’s

In fact, we love them much that I’m planning to make some to sell at gigs, so everyone can have one!

Here’s some links to some of the other stall-holders..perfect should you be planning a gothic event!

Neesams Photography

Rufflez gowns, tiaras and jewellery

Cardz by design 01947604347

Cocktails Couturiere

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I came across this super historical blog after an update from Google alerts (a great hassle free way to trawl the web for handy info) History Undressed has loads of articles and links about 18th century stuff and more. Lots of links to interesting sites and blogs. Gotta go…I’ve got some clicking to do!

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