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Yes, I know, nothing to do with 18th century music (well, not much) But I couldn’t resist. And a bit of the story is set in the 18th century! The nice bit…with the big dresses….

Which Anne Rice Vampire are you?
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I had a lovely spooky time yesterday at the Hellfire caves in West Wycombe. I was on a bit of a jaunt to the cinema with some old school friends (I’m from a village near High Wycombe) and the next day, I thought I’d take a walk into West Wycombe. Now West Wycombe is nothing like High Wycombe, it’s preeeedy! The place is owned by the National Trust and it’s like stepping back to a distant age. Anyway, around the 1750s there were a successsion of crop failures, and to provide the villagers with employment, Sir Francis Dashwood, local baron and 18th century party boy,  paid them to excavate the caves and build a road to High Wycombe. He then used the caves for his wild parties and secret societies!

So I paid my fiver and had a wander. The costumed dummies/tableau were pretty lame, not up to Tussauds standards, but if I ignored them, I could imagine the caves and passageways full of cavorting revellers. I so want to play there sometime. I think it would be great and it already gets hired out for corporate functions. We’re thinking of creating a halloween show, with ghostly ballads and poetry readings and the caves would be a perfect setting! The place is even said to be haunted!

Now here’s a super blog for you all… all things related to the Duchess of Devonshire and some nifty links too! Heather also appears to be a fellow fan of the Annie Lennox vid “Walking on Broken Glass”! Georgiana’s Gossip Guide

ladies of reenacting

Just wanted to draw your attention to this lovely US site. It’s a gold mine of info. I particularly like the page on ettiquette. Also contains articles on clothing and dancing.

Nasty Nursery Rhymes

I’ve just been listening to an online radio interview with Chris Roberts, who wrote a book about the real meaning of nursery rhymes. Interesting listen, covers taxation, prostitution and Henry XIII. I’ll never lisen to Goosy Goosy Gander in quite the same way again!


Just listening to a downloaded article on Women’s Hour about the Bluestockings, a group of educated and talented women in the 18th century. To listen too click here